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Top 5 Inflatable Hot Tubs

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Best Inflatable Hot Tub Of 2018: 5 Models That Have It All

Most or better said all of you will want the Best Inflatable Hot Tub available at the moment. There are a lot of models on the market that should offer a lot, but they are far from great. That’s why we decided to correct that and reveal 5 models that stand out from the crowd. Below you can see the best units, which have all features and the quality you deserve.

Top 5 Inflatable Hot Tubs

Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Hot Tub- Best Inflatable Hot Tub overall

We can say that this model has it all. It is modern, well-made and it comes with all the features you are going to need. It is also a beautiful unit with nice attention to the details and sophisticated control panel. As the title suggests, this hot tub has it all. Of course, it is slightly more expensive than other models, but it offers more. All of this made it the Best Inflatable Hot Tub.

Ready in 20 minutes

Almost all of you will say that an inflatable hot tub will need a lot of time to be ready to be used. This isn’t the case with the model in question. It comes with an all-new pump, so it will be ready in 20 minutes. Interestingly, this is the same period of time you are going to need to remove the air out of the hot tub and store it.

Impressive headrests

The second advantage and for us, the main one is the headrest feature. As you can see, the headrests are massive and they are bigger than any other model has to offer. This affects the comfort and makes the hot tub more desirable when it comes to relaxation and having a great time.


  • Manufacturer: Intex
  • Color: Dark blue
  • Dimensions: 34.2 x 24.2 x 20.5 inches
  • Weight: 114 pounds
  • Water pump: Included


  • Headrests are impressive no less
  • Ready in 20 minutes thanks to clever design
  • High-quality control panel
  • Extraordinary quality


  • Expensive
  • Filter cartridges are expensive

Coleman Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub- Best Small Inflatable Hot Tub

Here is a model that is highly appealing for all of you. Why may you wonder? Well, it is a popular unit that already has a lot of satisfied owners. It brings a high level of attention to details and it offers decent features. When it comes to the price, it is an affordable hot tub, so we can deduce that it has it all.

TriTech material

The main advantage can be seen in the material. As you can see, this one is particularly strong and durable, capable of meeting your high requirements and for providing all you are going to ever want. It also makes your new hot tub extremely durable, so you can use it for a long period of time.

No tools required assembly

The assembly process is so simple that you don’t need to use any tools. It will take around 30 minutes and thanks to the popularity of the unit in question, there are a lot of videos and instructions on the internet. Just in case, you get an impressive user manual, so assembly process won’t be problematic. Keep in mind that this is still an inflatable hot tub 6 person capacity unit.


  • Manufacturer: Coleman
  • Color: Green
  • Dimensions: 32 x 22 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 86 pounds
  • Capacity: 4-6 people


  • TriTech material is extremely durable and resistant
  • Value for money
  • Great quality of the hot tub
  • Control panel is superb


  • Color is old (looks old)
  • Poor warranty

Coleman 71 x 26 Inches Portable Inflatable Spa 4-Person Hot Tub- Best 4 person inflatable hot tub

Inflatable hot tub filters must be regularly replaced in order to provide the best results when it comes to water filtration. The tub we have offers 2 filters that will make sure the water is perfectly clean. On the other hand, the maintenance is easier than ever and you will need to invest a couple of minutes in order to replace the filters. Of course, there are a lot of additional things this inflatable hot tub Jacuzzi offers.

Great control panel

The control panel is great and simple to use. It uses soft touch technology so you will be surprised with the overall experience it will give to you. It is a real pleasure being able to use it. We will also add the fact that the control panel is based on a new technology and it offers complete control over the hot tub.

Walls of the fabric coated with the reinforcement

In order to understand how strong and durable this inflatable hot tub is, you will have to check out the outer walls. You will see that the quality is impressive due to the fact they have been coated with a special material. This makes the entire unit more resistant to the damages and leaks.


  • Manufacturer: Bestway
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 4 person
  • Dimensions: 21.5 x 29 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 73.1 pounds
  • Number of air jets: 60


  • Well-made and high level of quality
  • Handles for easy carry
  • Assembly process is simple
  • Reinforced material


  • Must be used on large flat surface
  • 60 air jets only
  • Available in one color only


Bestway 54155E Hawaii Air Jet Inflatable Outdoor Spa- Best Entry Level Inflatable Hot Tub

Here we can see one of the most popular models on the market at the moment. As a matter of fact, it is so popular that it may be difficult to get it. But, it is definitely worthy of waiting and purchasing it. The unit is well-made, has the best material used in the manufacturing of these units and it even comes with 114 air jets. The number isn’t high, but it is sufficient.

Energy saving feature

The main feature we liked is the eco-friendly advantage. It means that the hot tub will use only the most suitable amount of energy at any given moment. It will also turn the water heating off when the water is warm enough. All of this means that you will decrease the energy bill, significantly and you will get a lot of additional benefits.

Leatheroid cover

Of all inflatable hot tub accessories you can get, the cover is the most important one. In this case scenario, you will look at a high-quality Leatheroid cover that can protect your new tub form almost anything. It will have to be secured in place with straps and it will stay in place regardless of the weather or some other issue. All of this suggests that you are not going to need an inflatable hot tub patch kit.


  • Manufacturer: Bestway
  • Color: Blue
  • Capacity: 4-6 people
  • Air jets: 114
  • Dimensions: 70.9 x 70.9 x 27.9 inches
  • Weight: 81 pounds


  • Eco-friendly systems that save electric energy
  • Attention to details
  • Modern design
  • Easy to assembly
  • Cover is included in the package


  • More air jets would be better
  • Difficult to find one
  • User manual isn’t very good

Saluspa Miami Airjet Inflatable Hot Tub- Best Value For Money

Of all models available on the market today, this one is the best value for money. It is the most affordable unit which still comes with impressive benefits and features. On the other hand, we can see that the tested model comes with an extra-ordinary pump and with all accessories you are going to need.

Impressive and powerful pump is included

Obviously, the pump is an essential element for inflatable hot tubs. This one comes with a pump of the newer generation, so it is capable of providing better results and more appealing performances. It also means that you are going to need less time to get all things sorted and end up with a hot tub ready to use.

Rapid technology system

As the name suggests, this system makes all the things faster. It will improve the overall appeal as well. Basically, it will make sure the water is heated and filtrated in less time than ever before. Compared with other models, it is outstanding and probably the best alternative out there. The system refers to the combination of filtration and heating.


  • Manufacturer: Bestway
  • Water capacity: 177 gallons
  • Capacity: 2-4 people
  • Dimensions: 71 x 71 x 26 inches
  • Weight: 53.8 pounds
  • Color: Black


  • Great value for money
  • Rapid technology
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Excellent water pump


  • Poor capacity
  • Only in black color
  • Assembly process is slightly more complicated than usual

Guide For The Best Inflatable Hot Tub

Maybe you are looking for inflatable hot tub and pool units that have it all or that have just a specific list of features. Anyway, we will guide you through the entire process. Below are the main factors to consider and to take into account. We will also include less-known ones, just in case if you are looking for a more specific inflatable hot tub, the one that will be perfect, but only for your needs.


Obviously, the size of an inflatable hot tub is the most important feature to consider. In general, we have a lot of different models, but at the end of a day, it all comes to 4 or 8 people hot tubs. We will recommend you the 4-person models just if you are looking for the best value for money and if you are planning to use it with the closest friends. If you are looking for something more or you have more friends, you are going to need an 8-person unit. They are more expensive and they require more water, so keep that in mind. They also need more space when inflated, so pay attention to the next factor.

Space needed

Space where your inflatable hot tub will be placed is an important factor as well. Obviously, the bigger the tub is, more space it will require and vice versa. If space isn’t an issue, get the biggest one. If it is, then you will have to find a compromise. Don’t forget that these units can be used indoors and outdoors and they are easy to move around when empty of course.

Power outlet and power cord length

Most of you won’t even consider this factor or better said you will start considering it right now. All models of the inflatable hot tubs come with an outlet that must be plugged in. This means that you are going to need a socket nearby. How long the power cord is and where the socket is located can make a difference. A longer power cord is always a better choice.

Inflating time

This isn’t the most relevant factor to take into account, but it is one of those that can make a huge difference if you don’t like slow things. Most models will be inflated within 15 minutes, but some will require up to 20 minutes and others around 10 minutes. Of course, we must say that this depends on the size of a hot tub and the power of the pump.

Heating time

How much of time will an inflatable hot tub need to heat up the water? It usually depends on several factors, the outer temperature being the most important. However, most models require between 12 and 24 hours. If you don’t have time to wait, get a model that will complete this task in less time than other ones will. Of course, even the best unit will require a few hours at least.


The main material refers to the material used in the manufacturing process. There are obviously a lot of differences here, but one type of material we have discovered is TriTech material. It is extremely durable and strong and at the same time, it feels great. We liked it a lot and we must say that this material has been used in the manufacturing of the best inflatable hot tubs. In addition, there are plenty of other materials used which are appealing, durable and also have a positive effect on the overall feel.


A cover of the inflatable hot tub is an important element to add to the equation. There are thousands of possibilities here, but at the end, you must either get a cover in the package or get it additionally. We prefer models that come with a cover included, due to the fact they are better value for money and they are usually more advanced models.

FAQ Regarding Inflatable Hot Tubs

  • How to get all I need?

Each inflatable hot tub comes with all the essentials included in the package. Usually, there is no need to look for additional elements or components. Only you can look for inflatable hot tub accessories.

  • What maintenance actually includes?

You will need filters and chemicals to maintain the hot tub in a perfect condition.

  • How warm will the water be?

Water is usually around 40 degrees, making it perfect for the highest number of people. However, you have a possibility to adjust the temperature on the control panel.

  • How much time will I need to fill it?

In most cases, you will need between 1 and 3 hours, although some models can be filled in less time.

  • How much time do I need to heat the water?

Keep in mind that this takes time and you are looking at 12 hours at least. Obviously, this refers to the high-end models, while entry-level ones may need up to 24 hours.

  • If I turn on the air jets, will the hot tub warm water faster?

No, and as a matter of fact, air jets should be turned off during the water heating process. The air from the bubbles will cool down the water, therefore you will actually need more time to heat it.

  • How to store the inflatable hot tub?

All you have to do is to drain the water and place it in the dry place. It can be stored for years without any damages or issues.

  • Is it possible to use an inflatable hot tub during a winter?

Yes, it is possible. Keep in mind that when the temperature is below zero, all the water must be removed from the tub and the pump. If ice occurs, it will damage the unit.

  • Can I use it indoors?

Inflatable hot tubs can be used anywhere you want. Just make sure to read the user manual and to follow the guidelines and there won’t be any problems.

  • Can I find an inflatable hot tub with seats?

No. Not a single model has seats. However, most of them have padded areas on the bottom where you can seat.


The best Inflatable Hot Tub has to be on the list. As a matter of fact, it is. The Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Hot Tub is our top choice and it gets 4.5/5 stars. Others are a decent choice as well and they may be the best unit for your set of requirements. It is up to you to decide which unit meets all the requirements you may have.

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