The Best Soft Tub Money Can Buy: 5 Models Tested And Reviewed

A Soft Tub is something you can easily afford due to the fact it is a much cheaper alternative than an actual hot tub. However, it offers almost identical results, and it is a durable investment. No, soft tubs won’t leak water, they are strong and they are practical. Of course, you will get all of this only if you choose the best model on the market. This was our mission, therefore we tested the most popular models in order to provide you accurate Soft tub reviews that will make your choice so much easier.

Top 5 Soft Tubs

Intex 85in Purespa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set- Best Soft Tub Set

We can invest hours and thousands of words in order to try and explain how great this soft tub is, but at the end, all come to the word best. It is actually a set, meaning that it includes additional elements in the package. For example, you will get cup holders, headrest and etc. Basically, you get soft tub hot tub accessories you will need to start relaxing.

Massive capacity for 6 people

The spa set we have here is massive and it offers space for 6 people. It is known as 85 inch tub, so you get plenty of space and comfort. Why is this relevant? Most users want to have a great time in the tub with their friends or loved ones. This tub allows you precisely that, therefore it has to be the top choice. When full, it will contain 290 gallons of water.

Hard water system

The system in question is specifically designed in order to make hard water soft and make it more appealing or simply said better. It worked perfectly on our tests and we can say that it is an outstanding appeal. This system should make the water more refreshing.


  • Manufacturer: Intex
  • Size: 85 inches
  • Water capacity: 290 gallons
  • Capacity: 6 people
  • Temperature range: 68-109 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Massive size
  • Well-made and above the average quality
  • Temperature settings
  • Impressive set to consider
  • Hard water system


  • Sensitive elements
  • Poor customer support

Coleman 71 X 26 Inches Portable- Best 4 Person Capacity Soft Tub

The model we have tested is an extraordinary unit in general. It has it all and it even comes with impressive maintenance we will explain below. Just keep in mind that it is a 4-people soft tub, therefore do not expect too much place inside.

Lift hands

The soft tub comes with 2 handles that allow for you to lift it easily and move it to the desired location. This can be done only when the tub is empty, of course. Anyway, it is a small feature that should help you understand how impressive the whole product is.

Easy to replace water cartridges

Replacing the soft tub filter is as simple as it sounds. This soft tub probably has the best or the simplest system overall we were able to see in the recent period of time. Even better, it comes with 2 years of free maintenance and with filter cartridges.


  • Manufacturer: Bestway
  • Dimensions: 21.5 x 29 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 73.1 pound
  • Capacity: 4 people
  • Color: Grey


  • Simple maintenance
  • Padded bottom
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great quality
  • Value for money


  • Temperature readings
  • Poor quality user manual

Bestway SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub w/LED Light Show- Best soft tub with LED light show

It may look small and entry-level unit, but this is actually a high-end soft tub. There are a lot of advantages it offers. The first one is easy assembly process. All you need is 30 minutes of your time and not a single tool and you are done. Then we have a capacity which means that this unit can be used by 4-6 people. All of this and you even get something more.

7 color LED light show

One of many reasons why this unit gets so many positive Soft tub reviews is the LED system. It offers 7 colors and it is obviously easy to use. This system was standard for more expensive units, but now you can have it with affordable soft tubs as well. In essence, it makes the entire tub more appealing to use and more desirable.

Superb control panel

The control panel we have here is easy to use, practical and offers impressive capabilities. For example, you can adjust the automatic heating system, on off timer and etc. All of this is so simple that you don’t have to read user manual.


  • Manufacturer: Bestway
  • Capacity: 4-6 people
  • Dimensions: 77 x 77 x 26 in
  • Weight: 76 pounds
  • Water capacity: 250 gallons


  • Easy to assemble
  • Control panel is outstanding
  • LED light show is appealing
  • Value for money


  • Obsolete design
  • Bad customer support

Saluspa Palm Springs Airjet Inflatable 6-Person Hot Tub- Best Value For Money

Soft tub hot tub we have here is probably an appealing and a desirable model on the market right now. If we know that it is extraordinary value for money and that it comes with all elements you are going to need, we can deduce that it is going to stay there for a long period of time. This soft tub is something you definitely should consider.

Rapid water filtration

The best advantage is actually in the rapid filtration technology we can see here. It is impressive due to the fact it works quicker than other models can offer and it is also more efficient. Soft tub chemicals will be removed quicker than ever before and they will certainly stay eliminated or at least far away from your body.

104 degree Fahrenheit temperature

The maximum temperature this tub can provide is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be the most impressive feature for you, but we have another thing to add. The system also uses rapid technology, meaning that water heating is quicker than usual and more efficient. The unit also uses less energy, therefore it is eco-friendly.


  • Manufacturer: Bestway
  • Capacity: 4-6 people
  • Dimensions: 77 x 77 x 28 inches
  • Weight: 76.5 pounds
  • Max temperature: 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Technology: Rapid systems


  • Rapid systems for heating water and filtration
  • Great capacity
  • Toolless assembly process
  • An affordable model considering the size


  • Lack of color versions
  • No LED option available

MSPA Lite Alpine Square Relaxation And Hydrotherapy Outdoor Spa- Best Outdoor Soft Tub

The model in question is based on the latest technology and it is extremely strong. All of this is essential when you are looking for an outdoor soft tub. The main materials are reinforced and specifically chosen in order to meet the highest requirements. We liked the quality and the list of available features. You also get PVC cover material and it is reinforced as well.

Whisper technology

The main advantage we can see here is the whisper technology. This system is specific simply because it allows for you to enjoy the lack of noise. All the systems that operate won’t make noise, so you can relax and enjoy. Nevertheless, this is a powerful soft tub, therefore it offers all the benefits and advantages even more expensive units have.

108 air jets

We all know that the real power of a tub is in the air jets. Here you get 108 of them, which is more than other models have to offer. In essence, this makes the entire model more appealing and more desirable, so you are ready to enjoy even more. Yes, you are going to pay for these air jets, but they are something you simply must have.


  • Manufacturer: M-SPA
  • Dimensions: 62 x 62 x 27 in
  • Weight: 49.5 pounds
  • Color: Gray
  • Capacity: 4 people
  • Air jets: 108


  • Number of air jets
  • Lightweight
  • Reinforced materials
  • Reinforced soft tub cover


  • Expensive
  • For 4 people only


Guide For Finding The Best Soft Tub

If you are still looking for the best soft tub, here are the factors you will need to take into account. There are a lot of them, but all are simple and easy to understand. Basically, these factors must be considered in order to help you make a right choice. They will also help you avoid some of the most common mistakes some buyers make. But, the main advantage of these factors is the ability to make a compromise of the specifications a soft tub offers and choose the one that offers the most advantages you will need for the money. Now, let’s see the main and less-known factors you must consider.

Capacity: How many people can fit a soft tub?

Obviously, the first and therefore the main factor to consider is the size or better said the capacity of a tub. As you were able to see in our soft tub reviews, there are a lot of options here. You can get a massive soft tub that will be sufficient for 6 people, or you can get a smaller one. Most experts will tell you that you should base this factor on how many people you know. More people you know, bigger tub you are going to need.

Keep in mind that you must have at least 110 V installation in your home in order to meet the requirements tub’s system have. They are sufficient for models with up to 6 people. But bigger units will require more power.

What are you looking for in a soft tub?

Nowadays, soft tubs are used for many different purposes, therefore they should be chosen accordingly to the main purpose you have on your mind. Are you looking for a model that will relax you only or the unit which will provide a medical treatment for you? Anyway, here we have a few alternatives. They are:

  • Recreation- These models are designed and made to provide the essential features. They should help you have fun and that’s it. It is a common thing to see models that offer LEDs, and etc.
  • Relaxation- They are almost identical to the first type we have mentioned. These tubs also have basic features and they are focused on the comfort. You will have a great time and you will be more relaxed than ever before. In addition, they are also known as the best methods for stress management.
  • Fitness- Units of this kind are more appealing to athletes, so they have systems that will help you relax the muscles and joints in order to prepare them for a workout. Of course, don’t look for a tub that will help you make your muscles bigger.
  • Medical treatments- If you are looking for a soft tub that will help you with a medical condition, you will need a unit of this type. They are the most sophisticated and the most advanced units on the market. There is no need in telling you that they come with the highest number of systems and the best comfort.


This factor is important and it cannot be generalized. Basically, you will need the best possible comfort you can get. After all, most people will spend hours in a soft tub, so you will need a model that is extremely comfortable. Always choose units that are rated for a high level of comfort by the actual owners. Keep in mind that there is no the worst units in this case scenario. All new models are comfortable, but some are better than the others.

Power requirements

Some models will operate on 110 V perfectly, as we have already mentioned. Others won’t and they will need 240 V. In essence, bigger models will require more power, while smaller ones will operate on 110 V. Try to remember that bigger models cannot run on 110 V, which may be a huge issue if you already have one, or you planned to purchase it.

Water capacity

This is a less-relevant factor. It refers to the capacity of the water. However, more water usually means that you will have more space and you will be able to relax more. On the other hand, this also means that these units are more expensive and bigger. Look for a unit that has 250-300 gallons capacity. They are considered as the best simply because they do not occupy a lot of space, but they offer a lot of advantages.

Size of a soft tub

As you may believe, the overall size is important, but not for the reasons you may believe. The factor you are currently thinking about is the capacity of the tub, which was already explained. The size is important because it can make a huge difference regarding where you will place your soft tub. Of course, if you live in Australia and you have a huge backyard this is irrelevant, but if you live in an area where backyards are small, then this is the number one factor. In the end, all we can say is that if you have a smaller yard, a smaller tub is mandatory and vice versa.

Weight can be a factor as well, but it is determined by several other factors. Try to remember that most of these models weigh 70-80 pounds when empty, so you will be able to move them without a big deal.

Water temperature

Here we have the smallest factor that has the biggest importance. How warm water can be in your new soft tub? There are a million answers and each one is different. We believe that some average range is between 60 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Above that is almost useless and below that will be an issue for some users. A good thing is the fact you don’t have to waste your time looking for this factor all the time. It is almost generalized nowadays and most of you can get it with 99% of soft tubs you will look for.

Whisper technology

Whisper technology refers to the level of noise systems will generate while operating. As you may already know, whisper means quiet, therefore these systems are very quiet while operating. They won’t disturb your peace and they will help you have a decent rest and recover much better. We must mention that whisper technology is related to heating and water filtration systems. Believe us, you definitely need this advantage.

LED light show

It isn’t the most important factor, obviously, but it is one of the most appealing for the highest number of people. LEDs that are built-in into the soft tub can make the overall experience so much better. Look for units that have different colors available. They are the best and they make the entire experience different. Additionally, we want to remind you to pay attention to the insulation between the LEDs and the water, so you want to make sure it is extraordinary in the lack of a better word. Don’t think that LEDs will significantly increase the electricity consumption. They are efficient and they use less power than any other type of lighting.

Hard water system

While other systems we have mentioned are common and most soft tubs have them included, this one is rare and just one model on our list actually has it. What it does is makes hard water soft, so it improves the refresh-success the water generally has on the human body. It is essential for people who live in an area where hard water is a big issue and we must advise you to look for a unit with this system only.

If you live in an area where the hard water isn’t a problem then you don’t need it.


A cover is mandatory for a soft tub. Most of you will use it outside, so you will want to protect the sensitive systems of the unit. It will also prevent leaves and dirt from reaching the interior of the tub, which you must clean, obviously. Look for covers that can be secured in place with straps and those that are specifically made for a soft tub in question.

Number of air jets

The number of air jets truly makes a difference. In this case, more is merrier. More of them will improve the overall result a soft tub can provide and it will make your overall experience so much better. Try to remember that there are no a lot of models that have a low number of air jets, therefore you won’t be able to make a huge mistake.

FAQ about soft tubs

  • Will a soft tub leak soon?

No, they definitely don’t leak simply due to the fact they are made from strong materials.

  • How complicated is to assembly a soft tub?

It is rather easy we must say. In average, you will need between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

  • What about maintenance?

All you have to do is to replace the water filter and keep the soft tub clean and tidy.

  • How much is cover actually important?

In other words, soft tub must be covered. If you don’t get a cover in the package, you will have to improvise.

  • Can hard water damage the systems?

If you have hard water in your household, look for a model that hard water system, which will make it in soft water.


For us, the Intex 85in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set is the best Soft Tub there is and we rated is 4.8/5 stars. It has it all and it is great for professionals and beginners. Of course, other models are decent as well and each one may be the best choice for you and for your requirements. Anyway, it is up to you to choose the most appealing unit and you will be able to use it whenever you want. These were the most popular and the best models available on the market right now. They are also the most owner-rewarded and they are based on the latest technology. In essence, these soft tubs have it all and all of them are truly spectacular.